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Abreos Biosciences Announces The Formation Of A French Subsidiary, Abreos France, And A Research Collaboration With The Institut Paoli-Calmettes For Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Of Biologics

SAN DIEGO - October 3, 2016 - Abreos Biosciences and the Institut Paoli-Calmettes (IPC) today announce a research collaboration to monitor blood levels of biologic drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies, in cancer patients receiving these therapies. This research will accelerate the development of dosing strategies tailored to each patient’s needs with the aim of maximizing clinical benefit, minimizing side effects, and reducing treatment costs.

Biologic drugs are widely used to treat serious diseases, including cancer, and are highly efficacious in many cases. However, the clinical response to these expensive drugs is heterogeneous due to a variety of factors, including the formation of anti-drug antibodies and the inherent pharmacokinetic variability between individuals. The relationship between blood drug concentration and clinical efficacy is increasingly recognized for most biologic drugs: patients with drug levels at the lower end of the spectrum typically experience the poorest clinical outcomes. Conversely, patients with higher drug levels may be excessively dosed, resulting in unnecessary side effects and treatment costs with no additional clinical benefit. Nonetheless, dosing regimens typically follow a one-size-fits-all approach, and no tests are available to routinely monitor drug levels and guide dosing at the point-of-care.

Abreos Biosciences has developed a technology platform, termed Veritope™, for monitoring blood levels of active biologic drug in patients. Abreos France, its recently created French subsidiary, will collaborate with IPC to further understand the clinical implications of pharmacokinetic variability of biologic drugs. With the support of Eurobiomed, Abreos France is establishing itself in Marseille, with a wet lab directly at IPC where researchers and physicians from the Institute will work closely with Abreos. Abreos France is also part of the Onelife cluster, a 5,000sqm structure located near the airport and downtown Marseille, which includes select IT and Biotech companies. Dedicated to oncology and rare diseases with the objective of accelerating both R&D and business development of member companies, Onelife will facilitate Abreos’ integration and success in France.

"The use of biologic drugs in cancer treatment represents a major advance but the administration of such therapies could be significantly improved by therapeutic dose monitoring” said Pr. Patrice Viens, the Director of IPC. “The research agreement between Abreos and IPC is key in the development of tests suitable for clinical implementation to guide treatment specifically for every patient and maximize outcomes. These research efforts will position IPC as a pioneer of personalized medicine for biologic drugs in cancer.” 

"This collaboration with IPC will demonstrate the potential for biologic drug monitoring in cancer to improve outcomes and lower costs. We are delighted to have an institute with a world-leading oncology expertise as partners to help us realize the full potential of truly personalized medicine using our best-in-class tests,” said Dr. Bradley Messmer, Chief Executive Officer of Abreos Biosciences.

About Abreos Biosciences

Abreos Biosciences, Inc. is a San Diego, CA based company pioneering personalized dosing of biologic drugs. Abreos is developing lab-based and point-of-care immunoassays for monitoring blood concentrations of biologic drugs, thereby enabling precise, individualized dosing regimens that will improve clinical outcomes while minimizing unnecessary side effects and treatment costs. Healthcare providers can use the Veritope™ tests at the infusion clinic, emergency room, or doctor’s office and generate quantitative measurements from a drop of blood in 20 minutes or less. These tests are also ideal for home use by patients taking injectable drugs, as test results can be sent directly to the patient’s smartphone or Electronic Medical Record via Bluetooth. For more information, please visit:

About IPC

Founded in 1923, IPC is the second largest cancer center in France. As a center for the fight against cancer (CLCC), IPC is a not-for-profit private organization governed by the Public Health Code. Its mission is focused on the public interest as defined by law and is dedicated to cancer prevention and detection, to supporting patients throughout their entire clinical journey, and to research, education and training in oncology. Its dedication to fighting cancer is expressed through technological innovations, innovations in multidisciplinary and personalize care. For more information, please visit:

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