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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for MS

Abreos has recently partnered with Lifeassays, a Swedish Point-of-care specialist, and formed the joint venture Aegirbio to commercialize therapeutic drug monitoring diagnostics in the autoimmune, oncology and neurology space. Aegirbio's first product is moNATor®, a dose monitoring assay for Tysabri.

Laboratory Diagnostic Test for Natalizumab

If you’re impacted by multiple sclerosis (MS) you may know that using Tysabri (natalizumab), while clinically proven to be beneficial, comes with risks.

Specifically, the risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) which has a 25% fatality rate.

moNATor® was designed to measure the amount of Tysabri in your blood. This information may help optimize your treatment intervals, potentially reducing PML risk.

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